If you're interested in our 5 day travel photography course:

The Free 5 Day Travel Photography Course:

Day one:
travel photography gear you need to be successful.

We go through all the lenses that I used in season 1 and 2 of A Photographer In.

Day two:
Landscape photography.
More importantly it’s about creating landscape photographs that actually sell. We talk about how you can start generating a significant income travelling the world and using your camera, and how you can organize your first break even trip to whatever your dream photography spot is.
I will teach you everything I know about selling the photos from that trip, so that the trip ends up costing you 0 dollars - or better you even get paid to go.

Day three:
portraits and people.
We travel around New York City, and go behind the scenes at a shoot.
We talk about how to take amazing pictures of your friends and family that will attract a lot of attention online.

Day 4:
editing and post processing workflow.
We go through and edit 5 of my favourite images. I teach you the basics and some more advanced techniques in Lightroom.

And Day 5 is the most important: 
how to start getting paid to travel the world.

This is How to make it as a travel photographer in 2017.

This course is entirely free, all you have to do is sign up using the box below:

See you inside!